1. Where exactly would the property be purchased?

New Jersey, USA

2. What is the minimum investment?

Home = $400,000.00 USD

Apartment = $200,000 USD

3. If I don’t have the budget to purchase a property, can I still invest?

Yes. We have designed a pool system where a property can be acquired By 4 partner investors.

4. What is my warranty as an investor?

The property will be purchased under the investor's name

5. What if I don't want or I can't travel to New Jersey?

You shall provide a power of the attorney authorizing Buildworks to act on your behalf. Then you shall wire transfer the agreed sum of money. Buildworks will search for properties that match your criteria, send you photos and videos, arrange inspections, negotiate the price, and close the deal for you.

6. What is the estimated time to recover my investment and obtain my profit?

Approximately a 6 month period or even less

7.How do I transfer a large sum of money to the US?

Bank wire transfer. After payment of legal taxes, Buildworks will wire transfer the sum of your initial investment plus your profit.

8. Do I have to pay taxes to the US government on my profits?

Yes, and also monthly property taxes. But you will still received a very good profit

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